10p-007_Paul-Kingx120Paul King

Dr. King has nearly 30 years of experience with the Department of Energy national laboratory network as a scientist, engineer, program leader and manager.  Between 2009-2014 Dr. King lead the business development, intellectual property and commercialization efforts for the National Energy Technology Laboratory.  Dr. King is currently the President and CEO of KW Associates and is attending the OSU Advantage Accelerator program of entrepreneurship. In addition, Dr. King enjoys a courtesy faculty position with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University as well as the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at West Virginia University.


Rigel smallRigel Woodside

Dr. Woodside is the Chief Technology Officer for KW Associates LLC. He has experience as a research engineer specializing in sensors and measurements in Thermal Sciences; his expertise includes industrial magneto-hydrodynamics and plasma sciences including power extraction from power production systems.  Dr. Woodside received his PhD from Oregon State University in 2010, where he developed the Arc Position Sensing technology under funding from the Specialty Metals Processing Consortium.  He continues to enjoy a courtesy faculty position at Oregon State University where he is actively involved with the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics.